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The trails

Blagdon Hill, Feltham and Adcombe Wood

5 mile route with variety of terrain

Castle Neroche and Curland

4 miles, hilly

Churchstanton, Burnworthy and Stapley

5 miles of excellent scenery

Otterford and Otterhead Lakes

Gentle 3 miles - shorter route available

Staple Fitzpaine Herepath

13.7mile bridleway takes you through a wide variety of landscapes

Staple Hill and Staple Park Wood

5 miles, only one serious hill!

Staple Hill Easy Access Viewpoint Trail

Easy access 1km circular

Thurlbear and Orchard Portman

Gentle ramble, 4 miles along country lanes and footpaths

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Major works on Herepath

Notices of works and upgrades

Herepath Half Marathon!

Running event this autumn

Forestry works at Middleroom and Bickenhall Wood

Notice of harvesting on the Herepath

Herepath trails

Here is a taster of the many footpaths and bridleways within the Neroche area.  The eight trails shown here, range from less than one mile, to a 13.5 mile days walk. The trails follow existing public rights of way and are intended for use by walkers.  The Staple Fitzpaine Herepath Trail is suitable for riders, and offroad cyclists. Find out more about these trails by clicking on the links opposite.

Digital Trail Guides
Explore the Neroche area using an interactive audio-visual portable trail guide

Herepaths - People's Paths
Herepaths were originally important trade and communication routes between settlements during the ninth century. Two herepaths passed through the Neroche area. Herepaths are often referred to as people’s paths.

To see a video clip about the Staple Fitzpaine Herepath trail, follow this link to our YouTube site

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